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Disciplined teaching, professional service, enlightened conversations and creative exercises are the core benefits of the ABC MBA. Our world-class faculty combines Western management theories with Chinese applications in the classroom. Students are encouraged to develop their individual potential while bonding with each other through teamwork.

ABC MBA Program is committed to providing a high quality business education to future business leaders both in the Greater China region and around the world.

In specific, we aim to develop graduates with:

- Innovative and entrepreneurial spirits
- Leadership and integrity
- Global perspective and China knowledge
- A high sense of social responsibility and team spirit
- Broad business knowledge with an area of specialty

ABC MBA takes a holistic approach to education. The program aims to develop future business and community leaders with cutting-edge knowledge and heart for humanity.

We pride ourselves on our diverse and highly qualified student body. A typical ABC MBA student is an ethical, intellectually curious, creative individual with leadership potential, management talent and professional expertise. Our graduates are committed to making a significant contribution to society.



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